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What We

We are a top choice for assessments, counseling and addiction treatment

services. With great accuracy and quality we offer a fast assessment turn around window of three (3) business days guaranteed. Our expert staff will ensure that your treatment experience is designed to produce positive outcomes.


Helping you to recover in a variety of ways. From the more common therapeutic modalities to "back to the basics" recovery methods that have proved highly successful for decades.



How It


Long Term, In-depth Treatment Experience: Our counselors are comprised

of several decades of successful treatment, counseling, and recovery of men and women in the criminal justice system.


Advanced & Innovative Program Design: Unique, customized, and productive

program designs maximize the chances for successful outcomes.


      Personalized Service: Professional and personal, you're not just a number here, and you can't get "lost in the shuffle". We are not a large agency, we serve our clients best by being a small and efficient, on purpose and by design. Simply put; we are highly qualified counselors with an excellent support staff helping people grow. 


Real people, serving real people, achieving real results.



Who We



Private Clients



College & Pro


Criminal Justice Personnel

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