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Recovery Retention/Relapse Management Group


This group’s duration is eight (8) weeks consisting of two (2)

hours per session. This is an open-ended group with a 12-1 maximum client to counselor ratio. The Relapse Management Groups target population will be clients who have been through residential, IOP, or OP treatment modalities. In these programs they have experienced some success towards abstinence and recovery, and they have a strong motivation to get back on track before they relapse - they may have already relapsed. Regardless, they have a genuine desire to recapture their abstinence and move back into sobriety and recovery.


This group focuses on areas such as life skills, thinking

errors, relapse signs, symptoms identification, triggers, peers, employment, 12 step, other recovery options, etc.


This group is interactive and therapeutic in nature.

Motivational interviewing and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) type treatment modalities are employed.

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