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His Story


I’m not exactly sure how this story goes, I’m sure I have only heard the

half of it. But from what I have heard about a man turning himself into jail for a roof and a meal, I do know he has come a long, long way.


      Growing up in a middle class Cleveland neighborhood his parents raised him right. But after the loss of his mother he slowly started heading down a lost path. It was like quick sand. Slowly pulling him into the depths. The more he struggled the quicker he sank. Everything is telling him to give up, don’t fight it, fighting it will only make it worse, succumb to it, be numb, be lost… forever. Fortunately, THAT QUIT WAS NOT IN HIM! Through the grace of God, perseverance, hard work, and the fellowship he found through the 12 steps he was able to pull, and be pulled out of the muck. He has been on an upward path ever since.


      It's told he got his social service start in a Crisis Unit for adults with mental health issues in Painesville and then moved into the field of substance use disorders work as an Aide in a halfway house early in his own recovery. Desiring to help others with a malady that he was all to familiar with he started and completed his formal education at Cleveland State University. This led to over two decades of counseling and program management in the criminal justice system. During that time he met and fell in love with Shellie, his beautiful and strong wife of over 30 years. Together they have not only raised but coached, mentored and help inspire four children (LT, Chandler, Olivia, & Keenan) to contribute to this world in a, as Larry would say "Constructive" manner. Between all the chaos of four kids, countless events and practices Shellie & Larry have supported each other tirelessly. Making sure to continually put forth an extra step to sponsor and house others on the endlessly rewarding road of sobriety. With retirement approaching and kids leaving the nest he now starts to turn his focus towards his two areas of expertise and a new found hobby of sorts; Housing, Counseling, and Gifts. Thus the birth of Transitions. 


As viewed & lived by

LT Smith

Lawrence "Larry" Smith

Meet the President

LICDC, Licensed Independent Chemical Dependancy Counselor 

SAP, Substance Abuse Professional

LSW, Licensed Social Worker










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